Travel Teeth Whitening Kit

$ 49.99
If you want to whiten your teeth on the go for a special occasion, just use the Smile White Now Travel Kit to get a brighter smile in minutes. This compact kit includes a 3ml (3cc) teeth-whitening pen loaded with whitening gel and a blue LED light that is held against the teeth to speed up the whitening process.

The Travel Kit includes:
  • 3ml (3cc) pen with whitening gel (peroxide gel standard, non-peroxide gel available upon request)
  • Blue LED light

    1. Brush upper and lower front teeth with teeth-whitening gel using the whitening pen.

    2. Keeping mouth open, turn on the blue LED light. Insert against front teeth and relax for 20-30 minutes while the gel and light work to whiten your teeth.

    3. Rinse mouth with water after exposure period.

It's that simple when you're on the go. Great for holiday travel and special occasions, this kit will keep your teeth their whitest between standard treatments when you need an extra whitening boost.